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Tapestry Features

Tapestry Features

Tapestry has a host of features and functions to offer. Aside from the extensive ability to customise Tapestry to the requirements of each individual setting, these are some of the main features which our weavers love.

Features to help you record

Food and drink diary

Use the care diary to record the food and drink a child has had throughout the day.

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Multiple assessment frameworks

Record and track assessments in as many different assessment frameworks as you like.

Reflections for Reflective Practice

Record reflective thoughts, link them to existing observations or flag them and share with your colleagues.


Group observations

Reduce your workload by making group observations for activities involving several children.

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Split group observations

Separate group observations instantly so each child can have their own version but with relevant amendments.

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Bespoke Tagging

Use #hashtags in observations to identify key-phrases such as ‘#childinitiated’ or specific focus points e.g. #behaviour, as well as for categorising observations e.g. ‘#outdoors’.

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About Me pages

A page all about each child which can be filled in by them, their parents, or staff.

Accident forms

Record accidents and mark them as discussed when appropriate from within the care diary.

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Single child observation

Record each child's achievements and special moments using written descriptions and media.

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Record toileting

Use the care diary to record toileting.

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Communicate with family members through the care diary.

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Sleep diary

Keep a record of when a child has slept using the care diary.

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Features to help you track

Tracking for KS 1 & 2

See how children's depth of understanding changes across their time with you using our flexible assessment system.

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Tracking for EYFS

Tapestry has a whole range of tracking screens for EYFS children covering a variety of frameworks and for both groups and individuals.

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Tracking for SEND

Keep track of the progress SEND children are making in your chosen frameworks and by using #hashtags

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Tracking for Montessori

Quickly and easily see how confident each child is with each activity and how that has changed over their time with you.

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Relative engagement

Track how families are engaging with Tapestry.

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Staff contributions

Keep track of how many of each type of observations staff are making and who they are making them for.

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Find gaps

Quickly and easily see where the gaps in your assessments are.

Suggested next Montessori activities

Tapestry offers suggestions of which activities a child may be presented next based on the assessments made so far.

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Montessori descriptors and activities

Tapestry offers in depth and detailed descriptors of the Montessori curriculum and activities.

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Use the EYFSP screens to see the % of children achieving GLD.

Features to improve your lives!

Download to PDF/CSV and print

You can download almost all the pages from Tapestry as either PDF or CSV files.

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Be informed when other staff members and families contribute to Tapestry.

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Upload Documents

Upload documents such as Planning information, Term Dates and Policies. Choose who can see them.

Upload & Share Documents

Tailored user permissions

Tailor user permissions for each staff member and family member in a way that works for your provision.

PDF Learning Journal

Export each child's learning journal to PDF to get an offline version of it and for families to treasure long after they have left your care.

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Bulk media export

Export all the videos and pictures for a child in one go to give their family quick and easy offline access.

Transfer Children

Make transitions a bit easier by transferring profiles from one Tapestry account to another.

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Multiple themes

Choose from a number of design options for the background of the browser version of Tapestry.

Multiple staff types

Add staff members as one of three different staff user types with varying access/control.

Android, iOS, and Fire OS apps

Download the Tapestry app for Android, iOS and/or Fire devices.

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Data is kept securely and maintained using the most up to date techniques.

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Unlimited pictures and videos

Add as many videos and pictures as you like to your Tapestry account.

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Unlimited devices

Access Tapestry on as many devices as you like.

Unlimited staff members

Add as many staff members of any status as you'd like.

Free and unlimited relative profiles

Add as many family members as you like so they can view and contribute to their child's learning journal and care diary.

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Video and written tutorials

Our tutorials will take you step by step through every available feature.

Keep in the loop

Interested in education and how Tapestry is supporting settings? Our email updates will share insight and news, keeping you up to date on helpful resources and events.