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Create and post activities for children and their families

The Activities feature was created to help educators and families with home and independent learning. It includes a catalogue of suggested activities created by the education team at the Foundation Stage Forum, a section for you to create and store your own activities, and a section for activities you have planned for specific children.


Activities home page.


It has been designed to be similar to Observations and Memos, so you and the relatives on your account won’t have to spend time learning a new system. As with observations and memos, activity posts can include notes, pictures, videos, audio clips, and documents so you can provide full instructions and useful resources.


Example activity with a document and an image.


Anything you plan for specific children can be published to parents immediately, scheduled to go out on a future date, or just be saved as a draft if it’s still a work in progress. You can also allow families to see all the activities in your collection if you want to let them decide for themselves which ones to do and when.


Examples of the different statuses you can apply to Planned Activities.


Categories can be added to the ones within your own collection to identify which assessment framework and subjects they are designed to support. This makes it quick and easy to find activities for specific areas of learning when you need them.


Categories for Activities


Activities, observations and reflections can be linked together to weave a learning story for individual or groups of children, or to map the journey of a reflective project at your setting.


Links in activities.


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