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Android, iOS, Fire apps

Get Tapestry on your tablet and mobile

The Tapestry app is available for Apple, Android and Amazon Fire devices, putting all the essential Tapestry functionality right with you in the classroom. It is particularly helpful if you don’t have an internet connection all the time, don’t want your staff to be able to access Tapestry outside your school/setting, or if you want to lock down your devices so that users can’t access internet browsers.

The app has been purposefully simplified, meaning that whilst you and your children’s families can still add, view, and comment on observations, there are fewer distractions e.g. the monitoring section. This makes it easier to use, quicker to load, and means practitioners spend less time behind a screen when they’re with the children.


iOS app feed


Here are some of the key thing you can do with it:

  • Add single child and group observations.
  • Attach photos and videos from your device’s gallery.
  • Take photos and videos through the app. If you like, you can set it so these are saved to Tapestry but not to your gallery.
  • Record audio clips through the app (currently only Android and Fire apps).
  • View and reply to activities and memos.
  • Make assessments (staff accounts only).
  • Add and view flags (staff accounts only).
  • Create drafts.
  • Edit observations.
  • Add and see clickable links within observations.
  • View documents that have been attached to observations.
  • Comment on and ‘Like’ observations.
  • Reply to an observation with an observation, adding a ‘page link’ to connect them (currently only Android and Fire apps).
  • Receive push notifications.
  • Filter which observations you see.
  • View and add observations whilst offline.


The create new observation page. It includes an empty notes section; icons for uploading media; children, assessment, and flag pickers; and a date editor.


It is an incredibly popular tool for parents as it allows them to instantly view and contribute to their child’s journal on the go, improving communication between them and you.

Of course, you can always access the browser version from your tablet/mobile device if you’d like to. It has been designed to be responsive to the size of your screen, so if you’re doing something that requires access to more features, then you can get to them with little effort or compromise in terms of usability.

If you’d like to have a look at it for yourself, take out a free trial – there is no obligation to purchase afterward (and we won’t take any card details to automatically bill you), it will last for 2 weeks, and it will include all the functionality you’ll get in a paid account.

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