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Care Diary

Save paper and time by creating and sharing care diary entries digitally


The Tapestry Care Diary allows you to record children’s food consumption, toileting, sleeps, milk feeds, accidents, and anything else you’d like through the general log, as well as providing a messaging tool to discuss those with relatives. For schools and settings who don’t record the bulk of that, you can enable the accident log and messaging alone to record accidents, notify relatives with parental responsibility and take digital signatures.  


Care Diary page for staff showing food, toileting, sleep, milk feed, accident log, and general log entry options as well as a place to add comments and to see what's been added already.


Using the simple interface you can add records for one child at a time or for multiple children at once. You can even create a bulk entry with small tweaks for individuals within a group.  


Bulk entry view showing a main control for the default and spaces to make tweaks for individual children.


Staff can see a daily timeline of a child’s care and share it with relatives or carers when they’re ready.  


List of the entries that have been added for a child in a day. Includes food, milk feed, and toileting entries.


The summary information screen presents parents and carers with all the relevant information for them to be fully aware of their child’s daily health and care routines. 


Summary page for the parents showing some of the entries visible to them for that day. It includes milk feed and meal entries.

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