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Early Adopter ELGs

Early Adopter ELGs are on Tapestry


Those of you wanting to be early adopters of the new ELGs next year can continue to use Tapestry for your assessments, you just need to make sure the new ELGs are turned on.

You’ll have to be a manager to do that and signed into the browser version of Tapestry. Just go to the control panel, then Settings, then Assessments. The framework is called ‘ELG 2020’.

Once they’re turned on, they will appear as an additional framework picker when making observations on the browser and on the new iOS and Android apps (but not the Classic/Legacy app versions).



The assessment picker for the new ELGs on Tapestry observations.


Currently there are no tracking or EYFSP submission forms on Tapestry for them, but these will be added later.

Please note that for now, enabling these will not remove the current ELGs from the EYFS framework or snapshot screens.

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