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Partnership with Families

Build on your existing relationships with the parents and carers of children at your setting

Parents and carers want to be involved in their children’s development. Early years teachers and practitioners understand how important it is to work closely with children’s first educators to support their learning.

But how can you build and maintain a meaningful dialogue with families without it taking up too much time away from your work with the children?

Tapestry makes it easy.

You can create quick and simple observations, attaching photos and videos and upload them to Tapestry. Your parents and carers will be able to immediately login to their secure account and experience the joy of this immediate information about their child’s day.

Parents and carers can comment on those observations and also add their own. These insights are so useful to teachers and practitioners as we get to know the children’s interests, skills and preferred play activities outside of the setting. Staff are then in the best position to provide unique learning experiences specifically tailored to each child’s learning needs.

Teachers and practitioners can make suggestions, on Tapestry, for parents and carers to extend the learning at home. Ideas for games, stories and activities which build on what the children already know, will prove invaluable to families.

The Ofsted Early Years Inspection Framework focuses on partnerships with parents, requiring settings to ‘share information with parents about their child’s progress in relation to the EYFS. They help parents to support and extend their child’s learning at home, including how to encourage a love of reading.’

Recent inspection reports have identified good and outstanding settings where:

Parents comment that they enjoy accessing the online journal at home to view their children’s pictures and read staff’s observations.

Parents share experiences children have at home and staff quickly incorporate these into the following day’s learning. This makes parents feel supported and very much part of their children’s learning journey.

Staff provide parents with regular updates about their child’s progress and utilise an online app to aid communication even further. This approach also affords parents frequent opportunities to contribute what their child is learning at home so that staff can build this into the curriculum that they offer.

Tapestry builds, over time, into an online journal, weaving a wonderful journey of the child’s development during their time at your setting. You can make the journal available for parents to download at any time, giving families a safe and secure way to treasure special memories of their children in their very first years.

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