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Get instant notifications for the things you want to know

You can receive notifications to your phone, tablet, or inbox about almost anything that’s going on on your Tapestry account.

If you’re a parent or carer, that might be telling you a new observation has been added for your child, a staff member has replied to a comment or message you’ve posted, or a new document has been made visible to you.

If you’re a manager, you might have it set up to just tell you when a transfer into you account has moved forward, an observation is awaiting your approval, or a new staff member/relative has activated their login.


Push notification on an ipad


One thing we always try to do is make Tapestry flexible, so you can set it up to work in a way that’s best for you.

In this case, that means that you can have push notifications for some things, a daily or weekly email for others, an internal notification for things you only want to check when you’re already on Tapestry, and no notifications at all for events that you don’t need to know about.


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