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Record Observations

Capture the magic of a child's early years experience.

Staff, family members, and children can all create observations and share them with each other. They can be used as a record of each child’s learning and special momentsprovide a valuable insight of the child’s home life for teachers, and kept as a wonderful keepsake of a child’s early education. 


Some examples observations shown on the main Observation page.


Observations can include notes, videos, audio clips, pictures, documents, clickable links, a range of documents, and assessments in any of our learning frameworks (but you don’t have to add all these things all at once!). 


Part of an observation showing that there are multiple files attached (picture, audio clip, word doc), some notes, an assessment, and a flag.


They can be made immediately available to any authorised person, scheduled to go live at a later date, or simply saved in draft form to be finished later. Either way, you can make any changes you want to an observation at any point, without having to rewrite the whole thing! You can even attach multiple children to the same observation meaning you can celebrate group activities and learning. Iyou want to add anything unique to a certain child e.g. a pictureassessment, or flag, you can ‘split’ those group observations so that each child gets their own copy – no need to repeat anything. 


Observation list showing published and 'not in journal' observations as well as how you can 'split group observations' to create duplicate versions.


You can also make offline observations via the app to be uploaded later if you don’t have an internet connection at that moment  


The app view for adding a new observation.



Observations can be organized by flags or hashtags, as well as general filters and can be linked to other observations, activities, and reflections.  


Some of the filters you can set. Includes things like 'status', when the observation was added, who it's author is, and what it includes.

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