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Record Observations

Capture the magic of a child's early years experience.

Use the Tapestry website or app to quickly, easily, and securely create observations including notes, media, and assessments. These can be made immediately available to any authorised person as part of the complete story of the child’s early life, or if you’d rather just save some of it and come back to it later, you can do that knowing that you’ll be able to make any changes you want without having to rewrite the whole thing!

Parents and any other family members you set up will be able to view and comment on these special moments, as well as contribute their own stories of the child’s life outside nursery!


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You can use any of our included learning frameworks to link to children’s learning and record attainment.



Food and Drink diary

Use the care diary to record the food and drink a child has had throughout the day.

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Group observations

Reduce your workload by making group observations for activities involving several children.

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Use the EYFSP screens to see the % of children achieving GLD.

Relative contributions

Track how families are engaging with Tapestry.

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Be informed when other staff and family members contribute to Tapestry.

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Free and unlimited relative profiles

Add as many family members as you like so they can view and contribute to their child's learning journal and care diary.

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About Me pages

A page all about each child which can be filled in by them, their parents, or staff.

Montessori descriptors and activities

Tapestry offers in depth and detailed descriptors of the Montessori curriculum and activities.