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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 27th October 2020

Your privacy is really important to us. With this in mind, we have written this privacy policy to explain what of your personal data we collect and how we use and store it.

This policy only refers to this marketing website. Data stored on Tapestry (the application this website refers to) is covered by a completely different policy. You can access that from the security page on this website or from within your Tapestry account.

We are The Foundation Stage Forum Limited. We are registered at WaterCourt, 65 High Street, Lewes, BN7 1XG.  If you have any questions about anything in this policy please contact us by emailing Our data protection officer is called Lauren Foley and can be contacted directly by emailing


What data do we collect and when?

Our website uses a cookie control system which allows to you to agree or disagree to the use of cookies on the computer/device you are using to access our website. If you agree to them, you give your consent for the following:

  • For us, Wistia, and Google to use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about the devices you are accessing the website and watching our videos through such as your IP address, your operating system, your browser ID, your location, and other information about your system and connection.
  • For us, Wistia, and Google to use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect statistical information about which pages you visit and how you interact with the site.
  • For us and Simplecast to use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about the devices you are listening to our podcasts through such as your IP address, your operating system, your browser ID, your location, and other information about your system and connection.
  • For us to record whether you take out a free trial.

If you fill in your email address in the newsletter sign up box, you give consent for the following:

Our website also uses Mouseflow: a website analytics tool that provides session replay, heatmaps, funnels, form analytics, feedback campaigns, and similar features/functionality. By using our website you consent to the collection of:

  • Basic information about you such as your anonymised IP address, language, time zone, browser, operating system, device type (desktop/tablet/phone), screen resolution, visitor type (first time/returning), referrer, and location (city/country).
  • Data containing your clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, pages visited, and time on site. Mouseflow does not collect any information on pages where it is not installed, nor does it track or collect information outside your web browser.


Why do we collect it?

We collect information from the computer you use to access our site so we can:

  • Show you the correct version of the site for where you are based e.g. if you are in the UK, we will redirect you to our UK version of the site.
  • See viewing patterns such as whether multiple page visits are from an individual computer or from lots of different computers. That helps us understand what content visitors want to see and therefore gives us an idea of what we should make more of, both for this information website and the Tapestry application.
  • See what information makes people take out a free trial. This also helps us to understand what features are popular and therefore what we should focus on developing.

We collect your email address when you give it to us in the newsletter sign up form so we can:

  • Send you our newsletter.

We collect information about what is accessed within that newsletter and where from so we can:

  • See if there are any patterns around the sorts of things readers want to see and watch, which helps inform us about the content we should include.

Our lawful basis for collecting this data is your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the instructions below.

You can change your cookie preferences within your browser. If you do not consent to cookies you will still be able to navigate around the website but your experience of it might be negatively affected. Your viewing patterns will not be considered when we are deciding what content to add next to this website and the Tapestry application.

If you do not give us your email address in the newsletter sign up box you will not receive our newsletter. You can unsubscribe from these newsletters at any point from within the newsletter or by emailing us at We will only keep your email address for as long as you give your consent to receive our newsletters.

You can opt out of Mouseflow here: You can also withdraw consent by not using this website.


How do we store your data and who do we share it with?

We use Google to collect, analyse, and store the data gathered from cookies and other tracking technologies. We also use it (YouTube) to store and display some videos on our site. We will tell them if you take out a free trial although we do not pass on any details you give us when signing up for the trial e.g. your email address. This may mean that some data is transferred outside of the country you are based in. In order to do this, they rely on the model contract clauses for data transfers approved by the EU. The data processed by Google will not include any personally identifying information but will include statistical data for establishing patterns.

We use Wistia to store and display and videos some videos on our site. This may mean that the data is transferred outside of the country you are based in. If they do that, they remain liable and will take appropriate measures to protect your privacy and the Personal Information they transfer.

We use Mouseflow to collect and analyse the viewing patterns of visitors to our site. Data is not transferred outside the EEA. No personal data is ever sent or shared between websites. The script does not use third-party cookies and none of the data is shared with third parties except for highly summarised data (i.e. usage share of browsers, average screen size, etc.).

We use Mailjet to store a list of who has signed up to our newsletter and to send newsletters out. We are the data controllers of your data. They are data processors. That means we are responsible for their behaviour, that they will not do anything without our instructions and that we have a written agreement with them that confirms that. They are ISO27001:2013 certified. They will only process your personal information within the European Economic Area (EEA).

We use Simplecast to host our podcasts. If you listen to our podcasts we will share the data described in ‘What data do we collect and when?’ with Simplecast. They are based in the US so data shared with them will be transferred outside of the EU. This does not include any personally identifiable information. They may share non-personally-identifiable information with third-parties.

We have reviewed the Wistia, Google, Mailjet and Simplecast privacy policies and are content that they will handle your data in an appropriate way. Here are their privacy policies for if you would like to review them yourself:


Preventing more data from being collected and deleting the existing data we have for you

If you no longer want cookies to be enabled on your device, you can block them from within your browser.

If you would like to opt out of Mouseflow you can do so from If you’d like to obtain a copy of your data, make a correction, or have it erased, please contact us first or, as a secondary option, contact Mouseflow at

If you decide you no longer want to receive our newsletter you can unsubscribe at any point. You will be able to do that from any of newsletters you have received, or by emailing us at Your personal information will then be removed from Mailjet and our records regarding newsletters. That can take up to 5 working days to be processed, so if you unsubscribe on the day the next newsletter is meant to go out, you will likely still receive it.


Your Rights

If you are based in the European Union, you have a number of rights under the GDPR. They include the right to be informed of how and why we collect your data, the right to access the data we collect for you, the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete data we hold on you, and the right to have us delete any data we hold on you. You can see a full list of your rights and more detail about what they mean here:

If you would like to enforce any of your rights, you can do so by emailing us to request them. Our email address is

You also you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority if you think we have misused your data. For the UK that is the ICO:


Changes to this privacy policy

If we change anything about what data we collect or how we handle it, we will update this policy to reflect that. You can see when we last updated this policy from the date at the very start of this policy. Please review it regularly.

If we change anything substantial or anything to your detriment, and we have your email address, we will email you to warn you in advance so you will have the chance to withdraw your consent.