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A flexible and easy to use system for EYFS and Key Stage 1 and 2

Have you considered using Tapestry with your Key Stage children?

There are many benefits of introducing Tapestry at Key Stage, including: a robust assessment system, a highly customizable activities area, and the ability for children to log in and take responsibility for their own learning with Child Login.

Tapestry enables schools to monitor the coverage of National Curriculum subjects and the depth of children’s learning within them.  Teachers can easily record and view learning outcomes that have been taught and measure the depth of understanding individuals and groups of children have reached. They can do this via Observations or using the quick-and-easy Formative Assessment Tool.

The Activities feature gives your staff a central repository of high-quality, pre-made activities which are all fully editable. The activities are created by our Education Team and we release 4 new ones, covering EYFS, KS1, KS2 and SEND, at the beginning of every month.

As well as this fantastic bank of activities, this feature makes creating your own, and sending them out to relatives and children, incredibly simple.

You also get your own space where you can add activities from us – or ones you make yourself – and keep them all in one place so you can use them again.

If you choose to, you can give children the ability to log into their own account with the Child Login feature. They can view and create observations for themselves and see/complete any activities assigned to them. Use Child Login to enhance children’s engagement with their learning across all subjects, as well as supporting your Computing curriculum. You can also control where and how they log in. So, you could get your whole class logged in at school, or give some children a way of logging in at home.

If you’re interested in hearing more ways Tapestry can benefit your school, how about Memos? The simplest way to send out updates/news/reminders to relatives?

Or Documents? The secure central repository for all your paperwork. You can organise your documents into different folders and choose to share these with relatives if you need to.

Or Reflections? A space for teachers to hone their reflective practice or collaborate with other staff on issues?

Those familiar with Tapestry will be delighted to learn that the journals, observations and media parents and carers have enjoyed through their children’s earlier years can be passed on to future years, providing them with the growing tapestry of their child’s life.

Whichever way you decide to use Tapestry there are no additional costs; nothing is ‘extra’. It is a fully inclusive package based on the number of children you wish to include. If you have any other questions about extending your Tapestry provision, don’t hesitate to email out customer service team.

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The Education Team at Tapestry regularly create infographics to help support families to meet the challenge of remote learning. These include lots of activity ideas as well as some helpful guides to familiarise parents and carers with contributing to their children’s journals.

Here are some examples, but you can find the rest on our infographics page by clicking on the banner below.

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